Friday, January 28, 2011

Interesting Links-13 (28/01/2011)

India Focus:
1. George Soros on prospects of investments in India. Today ET carries this piece. [Link]


2. A nice illustration of 3 investment backs that dominated at various phases during last three decades... by Prof. Verma. [Link]
3. Retail investors seems to be playing smart game!! [Link]
4. How does inequality matters? by various bloggers/writers [Link]
5. What burger prices have to say about the reliability of inflation figures?? [Link] (sorry, information on India is missing as we use the WPI to estimate inflation rate.)
Note: Soon i will be starting special section on 'Emerging economies' which covers the news from India, China and other emerging economies. It means you may not find the 'India Focus' hereafter.

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