Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Statement of the objective!!

It has been 28 years, i never felt the sense of responsibility towards anyone (neither to the family, friends, the subject i study, the institute i represent, the people around me nor to myself). Some unimaginable fashion drove me to this higher education. I guess now time has come i need to commit myself to certain short term objectives if not the long term goals. (Some may call them as resolutions). I hereby state two objectives for the coming year (during my 29th year).

1. I need to complete at least two publishable research papers and attend a couple of reputed research conferences.

2. I strongly feel that blogging disciplines the thinking process and provides the clarity. I need to post at least four links under the head of 'Interesting Links' everyday and blog on one issue every week. (for last three days on an average there have been 20 hits on my blog, this i have to increase to on an average 50 hits per day).

I am posting these personal objectives in the public domain, purely to commit myself. I will introspect how far i achieved these objectives at the turn of the year.

Btw today is my Birth day and i completed the journey of 28 years!!

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