Friday, February 11, 2011

Deals and Deals, Exchanges are getting integrated!! How about us??

As Prof. Verma said (in his blog), it looks like mighty Atlantic Ocean no longer exists. Most of the Europe had already aligned with North America through NYSE Euronext (through a deal that struck during early 2000s), now everything goes as expected (LSE acquiring TMX, NYSE Euronext - Deutsche Boerse AG deal) in another one year or two the initial statement will be true. On the other side, Indian Ocean is also expected to lose its existence soon with the SGX-ASX deal, though currently deal is facing few legal and regulatory hurdles. If i understand correctly, down the line around 5 years into the future, there will be 4 or 5 exchanges (borrowed idea from Jeff Carter) world over and their branches in all the countries. That will be a true heaven for an investor who can buy or sell any international equity security without much hurdle.

As the world is moving very fast, though we have world class exchange and depository infrastructure, we are virtually split and pondering on who has to own exchanges? Whether to allow them to list or not? Our policy is lagging behind and now struck at a road block!

My vote is for allowing the exchanges to list and increase the competition by providing level playing field for all the exchanges and allow them to merge with international exchanges...............SEBI should regulate them and direct them to provide best services to small investors........ let allow and give free hand to market to get best services!!

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