Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Research In Indian B-Schools

Link As clearly discussed in the article, Research in B-School should focus on case development. Ideally, case development should have the priority over the academic research and practitioner oriented research, especially in B-Schools. Unfortunately, in practice focus is being given to academic research which always lacks the practical applicability, it is mostly true in Indian B-schools. The prominent reason i can think of for such a phenomenon is lack of profession experience to the faculty. Being a professional course, MBA is expected to give practical orientation to the students, for that the faculty should have the practical work experience in the concerned field they teach in the class room. The severe shortage of faculty in the country, the B-Schools are being forced to recruit the candidates who just passed out from universities with their doctorates. These fresh doctorates neither have exposure to practical world nor practical work experience. The shortage of management faculty has arosen with innumerable B-schools without adequate faculty and infrastructure.          

Lack of proper planning for the future educational needs is the core issues that had never been the subject of concern for the policy makers.!!  As long as it is not served............problem keeps aggravating!

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