Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interesting Links-10 (25/01/2011)

1. Paul Krugman's 1988 paper at Princeton University argues that the woes of Europe may effectively solved by making the Greece to buyback their devalued bonds. [Link] But the question is that will this trick work and has any practical implications. There seems to be mixed opinion. [Link], [Link]
2. Investments in income funds: A nice write up from ET. [Link]
3. Need for Plan B to save the Euro zone [Link
4. 'Don't drink and drive'!! Oil and wine are found to be indistinguishable! and wine is no more adding any diversification benefits!! [Link]
Class room:
Econometrics classes from Mark Thoma. [Link]
Lecture notes on Introduction to Economic Growth from Department of Economic, U.C., Berkeley [Link]

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Satya said...

Link number 4 @ The Economist - :D

And your blog makes for very cool very wonky reading. :)