Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interesting Links-11 (26/01/2011)

 World Economy: Opinion
1. 'Increased inequality in American society motivated the government (Bush government) to encourage mainly the state owned banks (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to lend to the poor, which has been the root cause for the current financial crisis' - Fault Lines, by Raghuram Rajan. Few economists' responded to such controversial hypothesis. [Link], Rajan also responded to their criticism.[Link]

Corporate Finance: Stock buyback
2. Prof. Damodaran discusses the issue with nice illustrations. He discussed the present state of stock buyback as a corporate action. [Link]. He also discussed the effect of stock buyback on the wealth of stock holders, he discussed it by relating to two hypothetical worlds such as most pessimistic/lazy market and other most rational world. He argues that stock buyback doesn't have any  effect on the all equity financed firm. He also discussed the issue in various contexts. [Link]

India Focus:

3. Ajay Shah on the inflation forecasts. Video [Link]. He also discusses the credibility of IIP numbers and most other official numbers and he also cites the alternatives such as the data from Automobile association for data related to automobile output figures.

Note: Today i will not be updating this post further during the post-lunch as i will be out to watch No One Killed Jessica and Dhobi Ghat (two hindi movies) in a row at Escape Cinema!!  Happy Republic day! :)

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