Saturday, January 22, 2011

Interesting Links-7 (22/01/2011)

 Economics and Finance (Practitioners as well as Academicians) :
1. Richard Koo, The Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute, the research arm of Nomura Securities; on the Balance Sheet recession. VIDEO [Link]. Mark Thoma on the same. [Link]
2. Joseph Stiglitz on the agenda for reforming economic theory. VIDEO [Link]
3. Prof. Verma (IIMA) on Influence of expansionary monetary policy on bubbles in commodity market. [Link]
4. Andrew Haldane, Head, Financial Stability at Bank of England.. fears on another crisis. [Link]
Focus India:
5. State of Microfinance: Where are we heading?? New law brought about by State Government of Andhra Pradesh increased the processing time for loan sanctioning to more than two months from a mere week. The new law stipulates the MFI to get the clearance from district officials before sanctioning loans to its borrowers. [Link]
6. Sijut Sirear, CFO IGATE on 'Tax law as M&A facilitator'. [Link]

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