Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interesting Links-8 (23/01/2011)

(Fund) Management:
 1. An insightful piece from BS: Debt can be as risky as equity. [Link]
 2. ESOPs (Employee Stock Options) could be much higher than the cash component of employee's (Managerial) compensation.Here are some insights into the ESOPs such as dynamics of their exercise, tax implications and the potential returns they offer. [Link], [Link]
3. IFMR B-school's visiting  faculty (they are usually called as 'scooter faculty')on 'Market timing versus asset allocation'. [Link]
4. Indians don't seem to be better money managers though they score better in financial literacy...... may be attributed to their inherent irrational conservative nature. [Link]
5. 'Economic liberalization' doesn't seem to achieve complete 'Globalization', still some gaps are well evident in terms of cultural exchange and artistic interactions. Probably world may need to learn from Vivekananda's philosophy and from his famous speech in 1893. [Link]
6. Nice piece from ET: Corruption impacts governance. [Link] Probably time has come to recognize the fact that corruption is not a bad word and it is universal. There are innumerable benefits by legally accepting this fact. I guess we have reached to that point where information on donations to political parties to kept in public domain and their accounts are independently audited and published annually. Industrial lobbyist to be recognized and regulated.

(Today i dwelt mostly on general issues, of course (as u r) i am also in a holiday mood!!).
Have a nice weekend!!

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